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Dandelion Program

Technical Specialist

Through a partnership between DSC and DXC Technologies' Dandelion Program a specialised recruitment process has been set up for members of the neurodivergent community to find fulfilling careers with the AFP.

By demonstrating technical aptitude, a 2-year traineeship with DSC can be obtained. This will see trainees develop the innate abilities they already have into software development and data analytics skills to support the AFP's world-leading digital surveillance and data analytics programs.

Benefits of joining the Dandelion Program

Strengths-based Recruitment

Tailored for role-specific aptitude and workplace motivations 100% supported

Prioritises Trainee Wellbeing

Builds work, life, and mental health skills for greater resilience while delivering valuable business outcomes

Ongoing Support and Training

For trainee, managers, and co-workers to understand working styles that enable individuals to be at their best

Full-time Onsite Support Consultant

Provides prompt issue resolution and de-escalation, improved employee relation and performance management

"The Australian Federal Police is committed to improving diversity and inclusion to reflect our community."

On completion of the contracted traineeship, employees will be given the opportunity to apply for any available role in DSC.

For more information regarding the Dandelion Program, please view the Contact Us page.

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